Where Did The Flat Belly Code Plan Come From?

The Flat Belly Code was created by a gentleman called Drew Hamilton who had struggled throughout life with excess weight. Once he hit upon this sensible plan to eat well, exercise moderately and support healthy metabolism, he was able to overcome his weight problems. Now he takes pride in sharing his findings with others who are battling excess weight.

When you order the Flat Belly Code you will receive a complete, easy to use program that includes a detailed 28 day plan for meal preparation. You will be happy to see that you will not have to give up good food! Just follow the meal and exercise recommendations and you will soon see positive results.

Can You Really Lose Weight While Sleeping?

That may sound like an outrageous claim, but the fact is when you eat right and exercise regularly, you will improve your metabolism and replace fat with muscle. Muscle at rest burns more calories than fat in motion, so you surely can burn fat in your sleep when you follow this program consistently.

Healthy Smoothies Fill Out Your Plan

In addition to healthy food recommendations, the Flat Belly Code eBook also contains 40 tasty recipes for meal replacement shakes and smoothies. You can prepare a smoothie quickly and easily to take the place of any meal you choose. This is a great way to be certain of getting the nutrition you need in a quick, convenient, enjoyable manner.

Is 3 Minutes Of Exercise Daily Really Effective?

Three minutes of exercise a day is 100% better than no exercise a day, and if that’s all you have time for you should do it! Your Flat Belly eBook will also contain instructions for some simple, enjoyable 5 minute workouts that you can do one at a time or in sets of three. The main thing is, you can design your own program following these guidelines, and that will make you far more likely to follow through and exercise regularly.