Vegan diet vs keto, which is more effective for you?

Keto diets and vegetarian diets are a few examples of the types of diets that are on the rise lately. He said, the keto diet is claimed to be able to make your body more effective at burning fat, while a vegetarian diet makes you eat more vegetables. But if the goal is to lose weight, what type of diet is actually, which is more effective?

To answer your question, try to see the differences between the two below.
Get to know the differences in the keto diet and vegetarian diet

Before starting a diet, you should first know what the diet really means. Maybe all this time you think that diet is a way to do to lose weight.

In fact, a diet is a dietary arrangement according to the condition of the body. So, not only people who want to lose weight just need a diet. Everyone needs an alias diet to regulate their diet. but not carelessly, huh. Make sure all the diets you apply are in accordance with your condition.

Well, the keto diet itself is a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat. If you go on this diet, then you need to reduce carbohydrate intake drastically and replace it with fat intake.

Because the body lacks carbohydrates, inevitably the fat reserves will be used as an energy source. During this metabolic process, fat will be burned into ketones which are then stored in the liver. This process is called ketosis.

Unlike the keto diet, the vegetarian diet emphasizes the consumption of foods from vegetable sources. Based on what you eat, a vegetarian diet can be divided into several types, namely:

    Ovo-vegetarian: do not eat animal foods except eggs
    Lacto-vegetarian: do not eat animal foods other than milk and its products
    Lacto-ovo vegetarian: do not eat animal foods other than eggs and dairy products
    Pescetarian: do not consume red meat and poultry, but consume fish, eggs and dairy products
    Flexitarian: undergo a vegetarian diet, but occasionally consume red meat, poultry and fish
    Vegan: don't eat any animal food without exception

Through the explanation above, it can be said that the keto diet emphasizes the group of nutrients that you must choose, while the vegetarian diet focuses on the type of food.
Approximately, which is more effective for losing weight?

Reporting from the US News page, the best type of diet for weight loss is a diet that is low in carbohydrate intake. In the list of the best diets posted on the page, the HMR (Health Management Program) Program was ranked first, followed by the Atkins diet in second place and the keto diet in third place.

Keto diets and vegetarian diets can indeed help you lose weight. However, according to several studies summarized on the Healthline page, states that keto diets tend to burn fat faster, maintain muscle mass, and reduce the risk of a number of diseases. S

The advantages of the keto diet are based on several things, including:

    Calorie intake becomes less, because it reduces the source of carbohydrates
    more protein intake and make you feel full longer
    more fat is burned, because it becomes the main energy source

However, keep in mind that keto diets can also cause certain health problems, because your metabolism is not balanced. So before deciding to apply this diet, you should know what are the side effects and consult a nutritionist first.

Then, does it mean that the vegetarian diet is not effective?

How to undergo a wrong vegetarian diet can actually make you lose weight. Without realizing it, you can just eat high-fat vegetarian snacks, fried vegetarian food, or get excess calorie intake from the types of salad dressings, sauces, or certain food toppings.

However, that does not mean that a vegetarian diet cannot lose weight. As long as it's done properly, this diet full of vitamins and minerals can also bring other health benefits.