The difference of Tacfit Warrior with Tacfit Commando

First thing first, Tacfit Warrior incorporates Tabata protocol. This is the same characteristic from this product with Commando, especially its application to a body training. Furthermore, the program takes highly benefits from cooling down with Prasara Yoga and also with active warming up.

Surely it's not the first time a user asks us about the different of Tacfit Warrior with TC product, especially for a martial art and fitness system in general. What to understand is, they can complete each other, even at the first glance it may look almost similar.

As a user who tried Tacfit Commando, maybe you have another interest to join another product from Scott. Cause it looks good and also challenging as well. Maybe if you are ready to purchase Tacfit Warrior complete version then you might need to see some different from another tacfit method above.

Find also similar package inside the product once you buy the program like: training schedule tracker, calendar, diet manual and others exciting bonuses. There is also the more expensive version or the Tacfit Warrior deluxe edition for you where it also includes the workout video. One of the most notice-able inside the product, as explained above, is a printable chart where you can track and understand your progress so far. That said, both product may look so similar.

In terms of the exercise amount times, Tacfit Commando method uses almost three time than the schedule inside Tacfit Warrior, for 28 days with three level of system: commando, recruit and grunt. Meanwhile, the TW product got a little time of workout time but with more variation and better sophisticated applications.

In term of technical, you can practice and apply the cycle of the training for both program. The most important and also as your priority about the benefit of the guide, you can rely those both tacfit program.