The Beta Switch is Sue Heintze's most successful program

You may feel skeptic about how The Beta Switch work. Even you are aware about the receptors term, maybe you've never though that somebody could use this term for weight loss like Sue did with the program.

Made in 2014, this guide contains the method that reveals how to reduce the excess fat around arms, thighs, and belly for women. Sue says that the fat storage phenomenon inside that area occurred when the fat-burner receptors inside the body are completely off, thus losing the weight can be extremely hard for them. Sue Heintze notes if The Beta Switch has been applied to a lot of women, and they don't need to avoid their favorite meals either.

Sue Heintze has won a lot of medal in bodybuilding championship for women. Unfortunately, Sue does not give her complete details in her official site, especially her academic grade. But Sue told us, the readers, her personal story when she was suffering from eating disorders for many years that made her practice unhealthy diet and not recommended exercise.

Finally, by integrating The Beta Switch routine, it could make her lose the stubborn fat and start winning the medals.

The science used by the program is sophisticated. To make it simple, according to The Beta Switch Review, there are beta and alpha receptors, and one of them should be activated inside the system of your body.

Still from Sue, you can burn the fat with beta receptors, while the alpha can make the body store the fat. The problem is, since women got more alpha inside their body, that can make store more fat inside their body like in the upper arms and thighs. So The Beta Switch from Sue can help women enable their beta receptors without including the extreme exercise and diet.