Six tips to return to exercise habits after stopping for too long

Busyness, work, hobbies, or even health conditions can sometimes be so time-consuming that you don't have the opportunity to exercise. When returning to the exercise routine, many people are confused where to start. Well, if you are just back in sports, you should do a few of these steps.
Arrange steps to return to sports

When deciding to go back to exercise, do not immediately start with strenuous exercise that drains sweat. Try following the steps below.

1. Starting with strong intentions

You need a strong commitment if you want to get a fit body. Start by preparing all your needs and make a regular exercise schedule. Try aside from other things that can interfere with your commitment to exercise.

2. Do stretching exercises

When you return to exercise after so long, you need stretching so that the muscles of the body become more flexible and the blood flow more smoothly. Stretching exercise is also important to improve overall body performance and reduce the risk of injury. For starters, try doing stretching movements like the lunge every time you start exercising. You can start with 10-15 stretching movements with a duration of 1 minute each movement.

3. Do mild aerobic exercise

Start your exercise routine by exercising for 150-300 minutes every week, or divide it into 20-30 minutes every day. Try light aerobic exercise such as walking or jogging. You can rest for 10 minutes in the middle of the session and continue again. Over time, you will get used to it and can do it for 20-30 minutes without stopping.

4. Train muscle strength

Already getting used to stretching and aerobics? So now is the time to start training the muscles of the body which have been rarely used actively. You can try squats, lunges, hamstring curls, or any sport that moves all of the body's muscles.

You can also do the following sports if you have adequate facilities:

    Total Body TRX Workout: perform sports movements with the help of an elastic strap mounted from the ceiling
    9-Minutes Power Plank Workout: a variety of plank movements performed for 9 minutes

5. Learn from the previous session

Do each movement in the right way, no matter how easy the movement. Remember what muscles are contracting, which areas are painful, and the pleasant sensations that you feel when you do the movements correctly. This is useful for avoiding movement mistakes that can have an impact on health.

6. Underwent a one-month routine

You may just set a long-term target when returning to sports, but try to live up to that commitment for at least one month first. Dividing your target into smaller parts is useful so that you are not overwhelmed while living it. Once you are able to go through this routine for one month, continue with similar targets.

Deciding to go back to sports after a long stop may not be as easy as imagined, but also not impossible to do. The key is commitment, regular routines, and no need to force yourself to start with big steps.