Suspension Revolution is not totally like the TRX training

What you must aware that, Suspension Revolution won't totally present you something new. This is in fact a revolutionary way from TRX training that is so famous since this decade.

But there some important aspects that makes the program better than an average TRX training or similar product on market like the new approach to coaching and the exercise aspect.

Even better, since Dan has been certified as trainer from Turbulence training, make this as the biggest reason to join the Suspension Revolution program.

Moreover, this kind of suspension exercise can present a total new challenge to your mental and body. Especially the new version, so prepare your body, mind and soul to get excited.

The review of the program is not yet complete when we don't give you the benefits of this suspension training, especially the biggest one. The first, as you may hope from a reliable TRX method is, the portability of the program should be noted. The other is, don't be afraid of hurting your own body for doing excessive workout. And you won't find find boring crunches and sit-ups here. Plus, you can wish more variations and infinity exercise combination to find inside.

Based on your current fitness level, you get full freedom to choose which exercise to start first. Also, based from a numerous positive testimonials from the user, Suspension Revolution definitely works as a fitness guide. Hence, start your favorable workout from low to intense level anywhere out side the gym.

Suspension Revolution, also like the similar method that uses the TRX tool as its main "weapon", It takes time for the body to get used or adapt the method. This training could be challenging to the balance of the body in overall. And since the program is digital only, you can start learning the program immediately.