Some phases inside Old School New Body are optional

This fitness system, Old School New Body, is specifically made for people over their 35s. A lot of workout program are made only to help you lose the weight or improve the level of fitness. But this plan is slightly different cause it can help the users reverse the aging effect & make them look younger.

Designed by Steve Holman with the help of Becky, his lovely wife. Steve surely knows this stuff since he's a former editor from one of the most popular fitness magazine, the Iron Man. Not only that, for a man whose age is more than 50 years old, Steve Holman has a great and terrific body shape.

Also as the best benefits to achieve from Old School New Body is everyone can follow the program, hence no age restriction. It's true that the program is specifically made for people in their 35s. Fortunately, people around 50s and 60s can enjoy the program with high success. It's also a versatile program therefore not only men can join the program, but also women. Even Becky Holman as a regular user takes the most benefits thanks to this fitness plan.

And as you read in our actual review of the program, the Old School New Body provides three phases that you can follow separately.

In the first phase find workout that can be used as the fat burning method. With this phase you can also build the lean body with core workout it incorporates. Regardless of the user's age, anyone can follow this phase completely.

Learn also the second phase where it can teach you how to build toned muscle. This is just an optional phase and should be followed only if getting toned muscle is your priority. Well, sometimes losing the weight is not enough for some people, so yes, this kind of phase could be designed for them.

And for the serious newbie muscle builder, try this final phase inside Old School New Body so you can improve the physique like a pro.

The program author claim if modern workout could harm your health, and spending hours for exercising will give bad effect.

Basically, people in their 40s and beyond will feel this old school method beneficial, for women and men.

That said, transforming the body can't be done in a night even with the Old School New Body program.

The duo Mr and Mrs Holman definitely serious about their training program, and turns out they got serious background as well.

By taking a look closer than before, notice many new things about how it works.

As the name suggested, the workout is unlike modern method. With the old school technique, make body more powerful.

Old School New Body brings unique concept known as F4X, where you will have more focus to the exercise protocol correctly.

Even the author of this product mentioned that he has made the F4X as the trademarked approach consisting of unique movement combination that any people can do.

It's also easy in noticing if the product has goal to make you lose the weight, as well as improving strength. 

People who are older than 35s are the "target" from this program, thanks to the approach it has. The mechanic that you can see in Old School New Body can be so beneficial to slow aging.

According to the site, there are basic things you must know which are about things to slow aging, first is avoid low fat diet, then avoid using excessive exercise activity like treadmills. That means you need to do less exercise than before.

And of course there are many "rules" to follow once you have made this as top priority for the body training.