The most disappointing about Tacfit Commando you must know

As you can expect from a tacfit program, the Tacfit Commando can help you become better physically and be more athletic.

This program in the marketing term is promoted as similar method that is used by special ops and soldier.

Basically, a soldier does workout not only for the visual but also for functional body part in fitness.

Tacfit Commando is a popular as a program that focuses on the bodyweight, not expensive tools. Similar to what soldiers usually do for their training. The maker hopes that his tacfit can enhance your stamina, strength and flexibility.

Tacfit Commando, fortunately, does work as the promise of its author. If you have clear goal especially in finding new ability for the body or when you wanna simply to improve strength.

The whole program wants you to do intense exercise in order to get the body like a soldier, not that bulky body like Jason Momoa. This makes sense cause the author of the program, Scott Sonnon is an ex military trainer

Of course this could be a big answer for you, whether you want to workout for losing the fat or just merely to improve your power, you need to choose first cause that we program that we already reviewed here is not a fat loss system. And this tacfit is not meant as a body building system either.

Furthermore, as you can expect as a training for the soldiers, they also need the right food for their body. The menu does not have to be delicious cause they are usually to eat ration or even extreme foods in their military mission.

So yes, in Tacfit Commando, don't expect you can find delicious recipes like you can get in a standard fat loss cookbook. You'll be disappointed, for a cookbook i recommend you to get the Metabolic Cooking ebook.