The important principles in Tacfit Commando workout

So it makes sense why some people are curios about this Tacfit Commando. So in this article let's see closer to the workout principles behind the program. Hence, you can find if the workout method is the right choice for you or not.

The first principle from Tacfit Commando is they can be practiced anywhere. This is similar to a soldier's training where he needs to survive in any areas and conditions. By using the weight as resistance, lose the excuse and train anywhere and anytime you want: on the beach, hotel room, park, you name it.

The second principle is, since time is everything for soldiers, then they need the most effective way in doing the training. To make the program more suitable for the like of soldiers, this program's has been developed as short as possible without losing its effectiveness. Unlike jogging or activity on treadmill that might get a lot of your time, with the Tacfit Commando, you just need half a hour in a day.

When the first time Tacfit Commando was announced as military-like program, it triggered a lot of responses and interest. Especially when the program was marketed as a break through for a bodyweight training.

Furthermore, even today, this kind of program is still rare. Cause most of them are more focusing to muscle building, diet and weight loss. And possibly, those kind of program won't push the body to maximum limit physically.

As we often mention, this kind of program was not meant to make your muscle and body bigger. But how the body can perform better and reach its maximum level, which is why the workout inside the program are more developed to increase your physical ability in overall, meaning you can feel significant improvement in your strength, agility and power.