More about the Turbulence Training's creator: Craig Ballantyne

The Turbulence Training promises faster results in fat loss regardless your gender and those who don't want to waste their valuable time only for doing the training. You can or only need to do three kind of exercise in a week.

This is a bold claim, but let's see whether the claim is false or not.

What we have concluded in our review about Turbulence Training program, we can see this fitness product has included 24 unique exercises. Find also diet and workout plan & further bonuses.

It also takes the function from "EPOC" effect, or the terms to explain about the fat burning in the body after doing the workout hours later.

Turbulence Training also shows the method that does not include cardio. Furthermore, a lot of benefits from the program you can also see like to reduce the stress effect, and improve your joints movement.

Before jumping into the Turbulence Training program, know more about the expert behind the program, Craig Ballantyne. His name and his journals can be easily found inside the fitness magazine like Men's Fitness and Shape magazine. Hence, you can see that the maker behind the program is an expert and professional one.

It's interesting to see more about the background of Craig. And let's be honest, unlike the fitness celebrities out there who comes out every month, Craig is the real deal for the fitness field. In fact, he also lead a lab for the research of cardiovascular and strength training.

Furthermore, Craig Ballantyne as a strength coach, has been involved with a lot of clients and with more than hundred hours of training sessions. Judging from his background, no wonder he always finds a new way to shred the fat.

And it seems that Craig does not like the traditional cardio. You can see that especially if you read most of his article.