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Sue Heintze is a Fitness Professional who has her own body transformation success story, and now spends time competing in figure contest and helping other people meet their own body transformation goals with her proven methods.

She has helped clients all over the world achieve amazing transformations and is well respected by other experts in the weight loss and fitness community. Sue is a contributing writer to Australian Oxygen Magazine, Australian Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine and Shape Magazine. Sue Heintze's qualification, background and track record in weight loss and fitness makes her a top expert that you can safely take advice from to pursue getting the body shape you want.

Not only is Sue Heintze a qualified fitness expert and body transformation coach with an impressive track record and perfect body to show that she practice what she teaches, The Beta Switch program is truly revolutionary and a high quality product.

The Beta Switch Pros · It is designed to address stubborn fat which is a special type of fat that is harder to lose. Therefore, it is extremely effective for overall fat loss. · It uses a unique strategy that is proven by science and real world user results for effectively burning fat for women. · It is not based on extreme dieting and exercise. · Created by a qualified expert who is very knowledgeable about female fat loss. · One of the most comprehensive guides on stubborn female fat loss on the market. · The content is good value for the money and is well written and presented. · The payment transaction for The Beta Switch is done through Clickbank. They are one of the internet most safe and trusted payment processors and they provide every buyer with a 60 day money back guarantee for each purchase.