The Beta Switch could be a woman's best choice for weight loss

Is The Beta Switch by Sue Heintze the right fat loss program for you? Read this detailed review of the program to find out now. You'll get key information on this article to learn if this is a good solution for your stubborn fat issues.

The Beta Switch is a women-only fat loss program by fitness expert and body transformation coach Sue Heintze. The program is geared towards women of all ages, shapes and sizes who struggle with stubborn body fat and need a solution for this problem.

If there is one bad thing we want to complain about the program we want to review here, The Beta Switch is the lack of information from the author about how the program works actually. Or some important question like how the process of turning on the beta receptors occurs, or its connection to weight loss.

 Its main strategy is switching on your fat-burning Beta Receptors and switching off your stubborn-fat storing Alpha receptors. It is promised that by following the system you'll be quickly eliminating the troubled spots on your body in the areas you have them, such as your thighs, bum and the backs of your arms, to finally get the overall nice, lean body shape you want.

According to our research, there are three beta receptors types. From beta one to beta three. For various part inside the body, they are important in  breaking down of glycogen. The interesting point is, the study from American Heart Association links the increase of weight to beta-blockers.

Priced at 37 dollars, these are some packages available for you once you join The Beta Switch program: Diet Tracker, Supplement Guide, Quick Start Guide for six days, the manual guide plus bonuses such as Tight n’ Toned Club, exercise video, and fat loss mental games.