Our story & great experience about Tacfit Warrior

With its versatile aspect, Tacfit Warrior shows better method to any person with all level, from newbie to pro, or from beginners to expert. We started the program and we could not wait to expect the results as promised by the maker of this unique fitness system.

So we just ordered one of the best fitness system out there, Tacfit Warrior guide system, and what we found inside made us really excited. One aspect we like is Steven Barnes's FEAR audio package. Not to mention about excellent instructional video. Bravo for Scott Sonnon for making such great materials. Those packages you can find inside are quite easy to understand, and can give clear and precise recommendation & explanation.

As somebody who've been active and involved in martial arts, this Tacfit Warrior from Scott and Steven had saved me from wasting more money to buy another unproven workout program.

Our journey to became a true warrior started when downloaded the program. We are kind of people who are hardly to get impressed by a new released product. But the structure and the packages offered by the Tacfit Warrior program changed our mind. In fact, it changed my life to a better and meaningful state cause it turned out that the program can be apply to the real life.

We have read all the manuals inside the Tacfit Warrior as well as the important principles document inside it. To see how the program worked, we started from Recruit level so our body could get used to get into the program deeper and more successfully.

Talking about theory or premise of this tacfit method, the program provides combination from mind, emotion and body connection. We were surprised about the complexity of the program, especially regarding the mind training. Cause, it seems that the author has dedicated to put ALL of his effort and hard work to the package of the program that makes this system is large in terms of amount compared to another product you can find online.