Our personal experience with Acne No More


Acne No More is not like the other treatment on the market. It doesn’t use chemicals or other abrasive treatments. Instead, it actually gets to the source of the problem. Because of that, it is able to eliminate acne forever.


Let me start off by saying I’m not the best person in the world at following instructions. I get lost somehow, which is why this program was perfect for me. Not only did it come with guides, but it also came with videos. I was able to take a look at the step by step process and see how to get rid of my acne. Even a person that is challenged when it comes to following instructions would not have been able to mess this up. I was worried I’d have to digest a bunch of medical jargon, but that was not the case at all.

I sat back and watched the videos, and I was amazed. The cure for acne really isn’t that difficult. I didn’t need all those chemicals I’d used in the past, and I didn’t even need to change my life drastically. The cure has been right in front of my nose for so long, but without the seven year study conducted by Mike Walden, the creator of Acne No More, it may have remained undiscovered. When I saw what the cure was, I was amazed. I tried it, and it was true. It really did cure my acne.

I came to find out acne is not caused by the face. It is actually the body’s way of sending a warning sign. It was a big, red, festering warning sign I had to wear every day on my face until I figured it out. I had to cure my entire body in order to cure the acne. Acne is a full body problem, and until I addressed the body, I wasn’t able to address the acne.