Old School New Body, the first impression about the program

In here we want to enlighten you about a fitness program that claims if it can help slow the aging process by using "F4X" method that you need to do in 90 minutes per week: Old School New Body.

Made by Steve Holman, it is basically designed to help you lose the weight and build muscle. But "the magic" of the program does not stop there, cause Steve involves his unique F4X system to reverse the aging effect as mentioned above.

By following Old School New Body program, you can feel younger than your actual age. It is made for people above their 40s, fortunately, it is suitable for people from any range of age.

At first glance, the program contains a manual eBook that covers the recommended training and nutrition plan for you. Furthermore, as you may expect from an experience trainer, the tutorials inside the program is easy to follow. No pills or useless workout you can find inside. As you follow the program for more days, you will realize if the key to lose the weight is the right nutrition combined with the right workout.

Let's see more about F4X Protocol, well i have talked a lot about it in my Old School New Body review but i think it does not harm you to talk about them again.

This protocol name stands for "Focus4 Exercise" that contains of three main phases: Lean, Shape, and Build. In lean mode you can do the training that is designed to replace the traditional cardio, in here you can learn how to burn the fat. In Shape mode, find the recommended 45-minutes workout that you need to do in at least three times a week. As the name it implies, you can shape your body to an ideal look. 

And the best mode inside Old School New Body is of course the Build method where you can learn the approach to add more pounds to the muscle mass.

Fortunately, as a complete fitness program, Old School New Body also suggests the nutrition plan and fat loss tips. Maybe it is not as complete Anabolic and Metabolic Cooking, but it is still something that needs to be admired.

Sometimes a program is not worth the money, as well as times. So let's see if Old School New Body is like something same or exceptional here.

Basically it's just an eBook designed to help one in getting aging process slower and get younger than their current age. Nonetheless, if you think you need new type of exercise, then possibly this program could be better for you to use.

So it's time to get multi benefits from slowing process of aging, and make your training feel like "real" exercise and not only something less useful for the body.

Anything related to training for weight loss can be seen here, and we are trying to show you about it in our article.

The program itself can be bought via OldSchoolNewBody.com, and the price won't be that high.

Hence, time to directly get it and apply it in some weeks. 

It's hard to admit if body will significantly age faster when we have reached 40s, and younger person obviously will reach that point someday without them realize.

The program or method in Old School New Body can slow it down, of course you can't expect this or any other method to stop the aging. Moreover, see that you can achieve a better body with perfect and ideal weight.

Beside noticeable benefits from Old School New Body, then it's time for the body toning. But you can do something more like burning the fat with this too.

Eventually you can look younger as you want with the method. Fortunately it's not a gimmick because exercise on right portion will affect your look.

The fun approach is great to replace the old school habits like jogging, and with this new approach for the workout, apparently it will useful for you for more benefits instead for the physical alone.