More about the author of The Beta Switch: Sue Heintze

The maker of The Beta Switch training for women program, Sue Heintze is originally from Australian. She is not your average lady cause she has more 20 years experience in health & wellness and help the others, especially women in getting their confidence back by helping them lose the weight & get ideal body shape.

When she was younger, she got trouble regarding her eating habits, hence her body looked far from ideal. She was starving herself, turned out it was useless. And then Sue found her own method as the proper way to lose weight and get ideal fit body.

Sue Heintze is also the owner of Ideal Bodies Online, a site she made only for women. Furthermore, Sue has been featured in national television and popular health magazine in Australia.

What we want to repeat here is The Beta Switch is made for women only. If you are a man and reading this, then we recommend you more suitable program like Workout Finishers and Turbulence Training.

When you have downloaded the program, get access to 12 weeks workout method to get the best out of your training routines. To lose the fat faster, Sue also shows you the recommended cardio exercise to do.

To switching on the beta receptors, find also the right foods to consume. How to boost confidence and mind training can be also found inside. When talking about mind, this is obviously important when you do diet and improve the commitment when you do the workout.

One of the best pros or benefit from following The Beta Switch is you don't have to starve yourself. No need to do crash diet and no need to limit the calories intakes. This can be done because the program relies your body to get nutritional foods when you follow the diet as recommended by the program.

Furthermore, women from all range of age, no matter where they are coming from, as long as they want to lose the fat storage, can enjoy the benefits of this unique fitness & diet system.