Know more about some recipes in Anabolic Cooking

Now let's us try to see some part of this recipes book and what are inside so you will be more convinced to get the product.

First, Anabolic Cooking recommends you to make breakfast menu. Most of them are foods with sweet taste like banana bread, pancakes and oatmeals. In making oatmeals menu, the book recommends to use protein powder and skim milk to improve the healthy fiber inside the oatmeals. In here you can also find shredded zucchini for substituting the potato. For those who love to eat egg as breakfast, you can find a lot of combination from this food.

One of the best recipes in Anabolic Cooking is the Chicken menu. As one the best protein source, chicken meat is ideal to help you build muscle while losing the weight. The problem is, eating chicken everyday can be tough and irritating. The good news is, the maker of this cookbook has prepared a lot of variations in making delicious recipes from chicken. Some recipes you can find are chicken nuggets, chicken parmesan and grilled chicken.

Another high protein source is of course, the red meat. With the recipes suggested by Anabolic Cooking, find a lot of ways and method to transform red meat into your delicious dishes. Find also the variation in making red meat with Mexican and Asian flavors.

No cookbooks are complete when they don't include fish and seafoods. The Anabolic Cooking seafood menu itself relies on salmon. Another fish meat recommended for you is Tuna recipes.

Well, especially for vegan, Anabolic Cooking has prepared salad menu for them. And whenever you need delicious carbs, simply create mashed potato. There is also soup menu whenever you want to complete your menu on the table.

For the healthy diet section, you are recommended to eat snacks. There are also recipes to create high protein snack, protein cookies and protein bar. Furthermore, when making good desert, no need to use a lot of sugar when creating them. In desert recipes, find menu like strawberry meringues and lemon cheesecake.