Free yourself from boring workout with Suspension Revolution

Today we want to show the reason why Dan Long loves the TRX suspension training and how he could involve into this kind of training, see more below.

There is always time when someone get bored from doing their own workout routine. What Dan felt is not exception.

Dan suffered from lower back pain which made him need to avoid doing heavy lifting. But once he tried the suspension training, he felt his back was getting better. The key of this good news is, the straps recommended by the program which does not give extra pressure to joints. Basically, it uses your bodyweight and with a lot of variations inside the suspension program, you can build muscle and strengthen the body core. By improving this body part, you can start to do workout better and properly.

Because of the TRX training he runs, he can shape the best body he wants. 

So let's see more about Suspension Revolution created by Dan Long and is designed based from popular suspension training.

Suspension Revolution is focusing on exercise combination that relies on ropes and straps. It contains a lot of movements by using the bodyweight as the resistance.

Fortunately, Suspension Revolution is not your boring method to do the workout, and it is easy to follow by most people with any range of fitness level. It is completed with three main modules and video guide for your guide to do the workout at home, so attending the gym is not needed. In short time, you can start losing the weight and buil ideal body with this revolutionary system in TRX training.

Once you purchase the Suspension Revolution program here, you can get the 4 weeks workout plan as the basic workout. This is more recommended as a starting program. After following the 4 week workout, you can start intermediate workout also in 4 weeks so your body won't stuck in doing easy training and finally the advanced workout method that requires 12 weeks. The advanced phase contains the final training to build the muscle & burn the fat.