Eat Stop Eat recommends you to do fasting

From a popular nutritionist Brad Pilon, learn more about his popular weight loss guide, Eat Stop Eat. We are ready to give you this review about the product so find whether the product can help you lose the weight.

Eat Stop Eat is an e book that contains 78 pages that are written with nice format. With such few pages, you can understand the pages in less than one hour, with method that you might not find in other programs.

Eat Stop Eat guide is focusing on weight loss method by using intermittent fasting and strength workout, which is designed to get muscle and burn the calories.

The author of the program believes that by using fasting method to control the eating habits is the best way to lose the weight.

Now here is the interesting points from this guide. It is not a secret that doing fasting can slower the metabolism. This might also happen when you eat too few or too much. But, by following fasting in short time, the results are amazing. Furthermore, it is good to cleanse the body (detoxification) and improve your discipline to control eating habits.

When you follow Eat Stop Eat program, you need to do fasting once or two per weeks. It is not as hard as it sounds cause you may also drink your favorite beverages during the fasting. And when you don't do fasting, you may still enjoy your favorite foods.

Eat Stop Eat program itself has been recommended by a pro trainer and it has a lot of positive reviews and testimonials.

The conclusion is, this is recommended if you need a different and a new way to lose the weight. Not to mention about full support given by the author of the program.