Bodyweight Burn does not provide weight lifting method

Bodyweight Burn is effective program and quick method that promises faster weight loss result, that's with short time needed. It fits for those with who are too busy with their family or with their job. It demands less than half a hour in day for the training, and you might get surprised with the result of this fitness system.

The program itself comes from both Ryan Murdock & Adam Steer the popular trainer who have experience more than 20 years in helping those who need to healthier and fit. By joining the Bodyweight Burn, you can copy their method and get slim and ideal body like them.

Do the workout you like in any places and location, plus no gym machines needed. This could be important factor if privacy in doing training is a privacy for you.

Furthermore, it does not matter how old are you or how tough is your body. What matters is, you need to spare 21 minutes from your schedule in order to feel the benefits of the Bodyweight Burn program.

It comes with one of the best diet plan, even though no exact recipes added. It makes sense since this is not a cookbook product.

Unlike Muscle Maximizer, you should not expect this system in helping you build muscle mass and no weight lifting method can be found here. So yes, this Bodyweight Burn is a pure weight loss program, not muscle building. It is even recommend you to follow 24 hours fasting.

This program of course comes with flaw, like the cardio flow that is quite hard to follow. No method to boost muscle growth, and the requirement for you to consume supplement for faster results. And the worst thing is, This program from Adam & Ryan is available online only.