Why you fail to build Six Pack Abs?

Six pack stomach is the dream of many men and women who like to maintain body fitness and exercise. How not, a flat stomach with protruding abdominal muscles can give a strong and sexy impression at once. Many people try desperately to train abdominal muscles to make it more visible. Unfortunately, accentuating a six pack stomach is not an easy matter. Even though he had been practicing for quite a long time, there were people who had not succeeded in forming the coveted six pack. To find out more about why the abdominal muscles or six packs are not as easily formed, consider the following points.

Get to know the rectus abdominis

Your stomach consists of many muscles. One of the most widely known is rectus abdominis. This is where the term abs as short for abdominis was popularized. Although known as six pack, actually rectus abdominis consists of 8 parts arranged in two parallel rows. These parts are connected by a thick network system called linea alba. For some people, there are only two or four muscles that stand out on the stomach, or even eight. However, the most popular are the six parts.

The rectus abdominis is responsible for maintaining posture and spine to stay upright. These muscles also play an important role in regulating breathing and keeping the organs in the body intact and united.

This means that each person certainly has a six pack or rectus abdominis behind their stomach. It's just that in some people, these muscles appear more prominent and formed.

How do you accentuate a six pack stomach?

To highlight the six pack stomach, you need to train your rectus abdominis muscles with a fairly challenging exercise routine. You can do sit-ups, crunches, planks, and pull-ups regularly to increase your abdominal muscle mass. The process of forming your rectus abdominis cannot be done instantly. It takes from 3 months to 20 months until your six pack stomach starts to appear on the stomach. Even after being formed, you still have to continue to train and maintain it because if left unchecked, your six pack stomach can slowly disappear.
Not everyone can have a six pack stomach

Although various types of exercises have been developed to help those who want to form the rectus abdominis muscle, this is no guarantee that you can definitely achieve the six pack you want. As written by the Independent, Dr. Jamie Timmons from Loughborough University explained that everyone has different genes in responding to physical exercise. This means that there are genes that are very responsive to physical exercise so the results can be clearly seen, but there are also those that are less or unresponsive to physical exercise. This explains why anyone can reach six pack stomach quickly and some may take very long or fail altogether.

According to Dr. Jamie Timmons, there is only one in six people who have genes that are responsive to physical exercise. People who respond weakly to physical exercise generally can only enjoy 5% of increased fitness after exercising and practicing physically while those who can respond well will experience up to 50% of the results of the physical exercise they undergo.

Besides genetic factors, a researcher from the University of New Mexico revealed that not all people have tendon folds that divide the rectus abdominis muscle into six perfect parts like a washing board. So, no matter how heavy the exercise is, the muscles will not stand out perfectly as in other people.
Another reason for six pack stomach does not appear

Apart from the two reasons above, there are many factors that determine how clearly the abs form appears on your abdomen. The difference is that the things below can still be improved and continue to be trained to get the flat stomach and six pack of your dreams.
1. Levels of body fat that is too high

No matter how big your muscles are, as long as your body fat levels are still high you will not get the best six pack results. To highlight abs in the stomach, you must make sure your fat levels are around 10%.

2. Your training is inaccurate and less intense

With the right exercise regime, you can show off your abs within a few months. However, if you do not provide variations in your practice or you are not diligent in practicing, of course the results you expect will be even farther away. You can do regular exercises from home or with the help of a personal trainer.

3. Lack of rest

Sleep deprivation causes an increase in cortisol in the body. Cortisol can trigger the growth of belly fat which will further block the formation of your six pack stomach. In addition, the hormones you need for muscle growth are usually produced during your sleep. So make sure to get enough sleep, which is 8 hours a day.

4. Not maintaining a diet

A six pack stomach won't work if you keep eating carelessly. If you want to build abdominal muscles, pay attention to your diet. Don't let you eat too little or too much. It's better to multiply foods that contain protein and reduce your calorie intake.