Turbulence Training is your high intense workout

Basically made for men, the Turbulence Training uses fun intense method. Surely it won't waste your valuable time.

The Turbulence Training Program is designed for people who have very little time for physical exercises and find it inconvenient to go to the gym and wish to achieve great results while working out from their own homes. The program is in the form of an e-book which comprises of 3 workouts per week over the span of 45 minutes each. These are short yet intense workouts, mostly referred to as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It is designed so you can get double results in one activity, like burning the fat and get the ideal muscle.

This Turbulence Training program really embraces the notion that long, slow cardio workouts are not the best method to shed fat and add lean muscle. Instead of recommending that you hit the treadmill for hours on end, the author, Craig Ballantyne preaches that you only need to perform 3 short, high intense workout sessions per week, with each session lasting no more than 45 minutes.

What to note it inside the Turbulence Training program you can only find a main PDF manual. No video or audio to accompany you within the workout sessions unfortunately. But with this PDF format, you can enjoy anywhere the guide anytime with your personal gadget. Beside workout method, you can also find the nutrition manual.

The factor that interested me whilst writing this Turbulence Training review is that the author goes completely against the mainstream idea that in order to lose fat you need to avoid cardio sessions and instead go for much shorter, but way more intense sessions. I was skeptical at first; however these claims to appear to be backed up by fitness experts like Alwyn Cosgrove, CSCS and Jillian Michaels, the infamous trainer on the TV program The Biggest Loser.