The five signs when you have hit a Fitness Plateau

Have you ever been on a diet or carried out weight lifting, you did not feel any significant changes in your body? if you feel that you might have entered a plateau.

Plateau itself is a condition where you no longer feel the progress of your training or diet. Or simply, your body experiences boredom with the exercise routine and diet you are running. Some conditions that occur such as there is no significant weight loss, this happens when you diet. Whereas in weight lifting programs, you cannot add reps and add sets in a long time. Plateau is also the reason why muscles do not develop or weight does not go down.

Here are 5 indications that you are entering or experiencing a plateau.

1. Decreased energy when practicing

If you feel a drastic reduction in energy Knowing the Plate Condition of each exercise and you feel unable to complete the exercise that you used to do before, this is a sign that your body is not enough time to recover, so you become weak while practicing in some parts your focus is training.

2. Muscles Don't Feel Pumped

Usually when practicing your muscles will feel tight Know the Plate Condition due to muscles that are trained hard and have not fully recovered / recovery, but when you enter the plateau, the feeling of pumping tight muscles does not feel at all, this can define two problems namely plateau or overtraining .

3. There is no Revolution improvement with the same pattern of training

A best way to see the development of the body Knowing the condition of your plate is that you can increase the number of repetitions on each of your weights. This indicates that your muscles are developing and adapting to the weight you regularly lift or your body can adapt. If your repetition has no increase in the training system pattern you are running, you can say you are entering a plateau condition.

4. Decreased Appetite

Do you remember when you were at the beginning of weight training you have a very big Know Plateau meal condition? This can happen because all your energy burns out during exercise so you will feel hunger throughout the day. However, if your appetite starts to decrease, this can occur because your body is too tired from excessive activity, making your muscle receptors no longer responsive to receiving calories. A tired body makes your body's metabolism slow down and less efficient in all respects including in terms of absorption of nutrients from food.

5. Lack of motivation

If you are less motivated, you will not focus. Get to know the condition of the Plateau and reduce your performance while practicing, so that your practice will become stagnant due to your lack of enthusiasm which results in you entering a plateau.