Sauna can't help you lose the weight!

Some people do saunas for certain purposes, one of which is to burn fat in the body. Not only that, the sauna can also provide a pleasant relaxing effect and release fatigue. Then, is it true that sauna burns fat in the body and can make it thin? Check out the facts below,

Is it true that sauna burns fat in the body?

First, please note that the sauna is a room with walls and floors made of wood. Inside also provided seating and heating. The heat of the temperature in the room is usually set to 85 degrees Celsius to cause heat and sweating effects. This sauna is usually found in the gym or in beauty care places.

According to the Harvard Medical School, saunas are generally safe for most people, but there are not many benefits to health besides the relaxing and comfortable effects for the body.

Many people think that saunas burn fat. They think that the sweat that comes out when the sauna is fat. There is something that needs to be straightened out, that the steam from the sauna will drain sweat and fluid from your body, not fat.

Well, plus if you feel or see less weight after doing a sauna. People think that it is lost fat, even though only the liquid in the body comes out through sweat. In other words, what is lost is the weight of your body's water.

In the meantime, if you eat or drink something after the sauna, your body weight will come back as usual. So, the myth of sauna burning fat is not true.

Then what about burning calories during a sauna?

Quoted from Healthline , hot room temperature can indeed increase your heart rate. This effect is similar to an increase in heart rate when you exercise. However, the effect is very minimal. In fact, the calories burned due to heart rate increase, the difference is very little with the calories burned by the body when you are sitting relaxed.

So, even though a sauna can burn calories, the amount is very little. That's why a sauna can't be a way to lose weight.

Then, if you want to lose weight without side effects, you can do a reduction in calories in regular food and exercise. You can also use a sauna, but just to relax,

The liquid that is lost after the sauna must be replaced immediately

You can lose about one liter of liquid through sweat when using a sauna for several minutes. Therefore, you need to replace this fluid so that your body does not cause certain side effects, such as loss of fluid to dehydration.

Drink plenty of water as soon as you leave the sauna room. In addition, if you have already begun to feel symptoms of dehydration, such as skin, tongue, and dry mouth; staggering; until the heart beats fast, get out of the sauna immediately, find a cool place, and immediately drink water.

Don't stay in the sauna room too long

Most people linger in the sauna in the hope that the fat will burn, or to enjoy the sensation of relaxation. However, this is not recommended. Excessive sweating can cause loss of electrolyte fluid from the body at dangerous doses. This can cause dehydration, kidney damage, or even death.

Extreme heat exposure can also cause cardiovascular emergencies or heatstroke. In order to stay hydrated, Dr. Harvey Simon from Harvard Men 's Health Watch recommends drinking two to four glasses of water after spending time in a sauna.

Dr. Simon also suggested that the sauna be carried out for 15 to 20 minutes. When you have felt red and dizzy signs, get out and hydrate yourself with water or electrolyte fluid to relieve the symptoms of dizziness.