More manual to find inside Tacfit Warrior package

Tacfit Warrior is a program for everyone and basically it is a comprehensive tactical body and mind. The team behind the program has prepared for you an usable training method.

The mental of course play a role in keeping you calm. Stress as we all know can affect your both physical and mind. Stress may affect your sleep or your worse, your whole life.

the 7X4 cycle protocol is used by this workout system combined others exercise method designed to prevent injury risk. For military it's important cause they need to be ready anytime for action while for us, ordinary people, following this warrior guide can help you improve the body to face high intense training and plateau.

In following Tacfit Warrior exercise for weeks, there are some pattern you could see. Like how this program is designed to improve your muscle strength. 30 minutes circuit training that is beneficial to rapidly burn fat compared to cardio. Reducing the stress by improving the Neurological skills. Avoiding over training with low intense exercise. Warrior technique to "turn off" your body and get better sleep quality. And five difficulty levels from Warrior Lite, beginners, Pre-recruit and to warrior level.

The package inside the program are quite complete. In fact, a lot of contents of the program can make it look like an encyclopedia. They are included from PDF ebook, MP4, and audio.

There are some components included (i have mentioned them in other article but i think it's worth to mention)
- Mission Brief Manual: contains the combination of modern and ancient method to create strong body and mind. All theory are explained here and you can consider this manual as the core of the program like movement skills, emotional control methods and more.
- Mission Calendar: our times in modern era is tight, hence this calendar can help adjust your time to do the training. Hence you won't find method that will waste your time.
- 4-Day Diet Book: this is a fitness program, but that does not change a fact that your body require proper food to get. Helping you in long term is one of the goal from Tacfit Warrior program, no recipes fortunately, but getting a diet method inside the program is a plus point that every fitness system should have.
- Wall Charts: it works similar like the calendar above. Print out the charts and track your training progress successfully.
- Stress Conversion Video: in here you can learn the method to reduce stress by using Prasara yoga method. With this method, you can change or transform the stress to positive energy that is beneficial for the body.
- Mission Briefing Instructional Library: watch the 15 exercise video for you to follow from Scott Sonnon that is made for everyone from beginners to expert.
- Warm Up And Cool Down methods: still by using Prasara yoga method, you need to do correct warming up and cooling down to prevent injury.
- Follow Along Mission video: Steven Barnes in here will show you the importance of mind in somebody's training.
- Demonstration Videos: in here Scott reminds you again about the main goal of your training and how to make it real.
- Strain Prevention Video: this is Steven Barnes's additional method for certain people to prevent injury.
- The Sleep Program: a special lesson that allows you get better quality sleep. With this method, sleeping in 30 minutes can feel like sleeping for hours.