Mistakes in losing fat even professionals also made

Everyone must have made mistakes, both beginners and professionals who have a lot of experience. Not only mistakes during training, but also mistakes when trying to lose the fat.

Mistakes are indeed part of learning. But, there's nothing wrong if we learn from the negligence of others, right? These are some of the mistakes in cutting fat that are often done by professionals.

1. Trim Calories Too Fast

This is the most common mistake made by many people, both beginners and professionals. Indeed, this seems logical - when we want to lose weight, we reduce our calorie intake.

This may be effective in the short term, but it can have an impact in the long run. Because, you risk losing valuable muscle mass. In addition, your body also tries to maintain energy reserves by lowering the metabolic rate.

2. Doing Cardio Too Often

Although cardio exercise is synonymous with Fat Loss method, including it quickly and excessively can have a clear impact you don't expect. One of them is the increased risk of losing muscle as well as the first mistake.

If you want to start the fat reduction phase, do cardio minimally and make sure the deficit needed to remove fat comes from a diet pattern. While getting out of this diet, you slowly increase your cardio frequency to maximize fat burning.

3. Doing Repetitions Too Much

Some think that many reps can help you cut fat. In fact, reducing body fat should be done by means of adequate diet and cardio. You don't need to replace your Workout program with more reps. Just do it as usual.

4. Avoid Carbohydrates

If done incorrectly, a low-carbohydrate diet can make you lose muscle mass, even interference with your metabolism. Carb is the main fuel for your body. If you intend to reduce carb, do it slowly and gradually.

5. Expecting Results that Are Not Realistic

"I want to go down 15 kg in 8 weeks." Although it is not impossible to do, this goal is not healthy and realistic. Unrealistic goals can make you feel frustrated and annoyed with your progress.

When that feeling comes in, you are questioning diet method you are doing and easily tempted to lose, making your diet even more chaotic. It's better to set goals that make more sense and help you feel positive about each progression.

Now, after recognizing the mistakes above, you are now ready to cut fat in the right way.