Learn the six mistakes when you are treating acne

Treating acne is fairly easy, because there are still many people who do the wrong way. Quoted from WebMd, here are some common mistakes when treating acne according to experts. Let's see what the mistakes are.

6 mistakes when treating acne

1. Give up too fast because old pimples heal

Do not want instant or fast results when you treat acne. In fact, most acne medications will work slowly. Usually it will take around 6 to 12 weeks to cure acne.

So it is recommended to use the same product for at least 1 month before deciding whether the drug you are using is the result or not.

In some cases, your skin may experience irritation in the first few weeks. Not infrequently effective acne drugs actually make your acne worse before finally getting better and totally lost.

2. Use too many acne medications at once

In addition to being impatient in waiting for the results of the use of acne drugs, usually many people will use several acne medication at once. Unfortunately, this will actually cause irritation to your skin and even add to the adverse effects.

When various chemicals from various acne drug products are mixed together, zits will get worse, even resembling pigments. Then when healed it might leave marks or stains.

3. Too often scrubbing the face

Rubbing your face with a scrub is actually recommended if your skin is not pimpled. But if done when the skin is on zits, this will actually aggravate acne, because the skin layer will erode and cause irritation.

Better, you wash your face slowly with soap that does not contain chemicals. Also make sure the facial soap you use has a balanced pH to reduce inflammation in the face.

It is also important to rinse the face clean because the traces left behind will become residues that cause irritation.

4. Incorrect use of acne medications

Hard facial cleansers, alkaline-containing soaps, and alcohol-based products can aggravate acne conditions.

You should look for "non-comedogenic" products or specifically "for acne prone skin". Non-comedogenic products do not contain ingredients that can close the pores of acne skin. Because most sunscreen materials and moisturizers usually can close or clog the pores.

5. Love to squeeze and break pimples

Squeeze, scrape, peel, and break pimples do lead to satisfaction for people with acne. But unfortunately, it can make healing time become longer and increase the risk of acne scars. Better, avoid your hands touching pimples. If you want to apply an acne medication or cream, make sure your hands are washed clean.

6. Do not consult a dermatologist

When the acne is felt more and more popping up, immediately consult a doctor. Many people procrastinate from consulting a doctor because they believe that acne will heal on its own.

By consulting a dermatologist or dermatologist, you will be examined and given a nurse according to the condition of your skin. Doctors will also prescribe medications and treatments that are more effective but safe for the skin.