Jogging can help you burn fat optimally

Jogging or relaxing run is one of the easy and inexpensive physical activities. Do not need a lot of capital, enough with shoes, you can jog around the house complex. Not only practical, jogging can effectively burn fat, you know! However, how long should a good jogging time be in order to effectively burn fat? See below.

How many calories are burned while jogging?

How many calories are burned depends on how heavy your jogging activities are. The heavier the intensity of the exercise, the more that is burned. In addition, calories burned also depend on the condition of each person, such as weight.

An adult with a body weight of 70 kg, jogging for one hour with a distance of 5 km running can burn 596 calories. While adults weighing 84 kg run at the same distance and time, burning 710 calories. This is different, isn't it?

If you run on a treadmill, it's easier to monitor how many calories you can burn when running.

Are calories burned including calories from fat?

calories burned also come from the fat in the body. However, again this depends on the intensity and duration you do when jogging.

If you run with low intensity and long duration, your body will tend to burn fat. If you're curious, you can know whether the jogging that you do already burns the optimal fat or not.

The trick, by counting your heart rate. Fat deposits will be used as energy when a person reaches 75 percent of his maximum heart rate.

Before calculating these numbers, you must know first what size the maximum heart rate you have. The trick, by reducing the number 220 with the current age.

Take for example, you are 50 years old, then the maximum heart rate is 220-50 which is 180 bpm (beat per second). Well, if you want to burn fat, then when jogging, your heart rate must be 75 percent of that number.

So, 75 percent of 180 bpm is 135 bpm. When you reach that number when jogging, the fat in the body begins to be burned and used optimally.

To be more maximal, you also have to jog with the heart rate for a relatively long duration.

How much time is good jogging to burn fat?

Actually, there is no benchmark on how long the jogging time is good. However, if you are jogging for a long time it will certainly burn more calories. At least to start burning fat you have to jog more than 30 minutes with low intensity.

You can also add the intensity of your jogging, so that it reaches 80-90 percent of your maximum heart rate. This can make calorie burning more optimal.

You can run this high intensity run for at least 20 minutes. Do routine 4-5 times a week.

If you have less time, you can exercise with high intensity. Working out like this and done in a short time can still burn fat in the body.