Get Youthful and Energetic with Old School New Body

The question how humans can decelerate the aging process now has several answers, one of which is Old School New Body. In order for you to grasp basic information on this product, I would like to present my Old School New Body Review below:

What Is Old School New Body?

Steve Holman, the editor-in-chief of Iron Man Magazine and Becky Holman, his wife, designed Old School New Body with a view to putting years off men and women, especially over 35 year-old trainees. The e-book features useful youth-enhancing and weight loss secrets that are promised to help customers look 10 years younger.

If you are exhausted by long workouts, you can implement The Customized Method or The Focus4 Exercise Protocol which requires you to do effective workouts in 90 minutes each week. With this handbook, you will experience 3 phases, all of which require you to change your movement style and nutrition plan slight. Phase 1 F4X Lean helps you stay slender while Phase 2 F4X Shape enables you to add lean muscle and burn more body fat even when you are sleeping. You can change your movement style and nutrition plan slightly during these two phrases. Phase 3 F4X Build is the time for bodybuilding.

Even though the authors claim Old School New Body System is simple and easy to follow, you do need to be persistent in your workouts and nutrition plan to attain your fitness goals quickly. In other words, this program is viable for those who are diligent in reading the valuable information that the two authors who are in their 50s have accumulated from several interviews, personal training sessions and experience from “underground heroes of fitness”. The information supported with scientific evidence is written in plain language so customers can absorb and apply it easily.

How Will You Benefit From Old School New Body?

Old School New Body is Steve and Becky Holman’s 4X youth-enhancing body-shaping system for males and females who are serious about their body transformation.

The 101-page e-book introduces simple and sensible strategies of eating and exercising. In terms of eating, the e-book elaborates on three fat-to-muscle supplements, lean-machine diet facts and fallacies. You will be surprised by the fact that eating more can increase fat burning and muscle building. Besides, the e-book explains why alcohol, contrary to common belief, is instrumental in weight loss. You will learn the benefits of alcohol as well as the moderate alcohol consumption, and the most suitable time to drink alcohol.

Moreover, this Revolution method offers you step-by-step guidance to achieve fitness and (of course) leanness. There is no need for you to worry about the effectiveness of this weight loss training program since its workouts are presented clearly with formulas, equipment needed, instructions and illustrations. If you show application and determination in losing weight and getting lean, you are bound to feel “joint rejuvenation” and “transformation sensation”, not total exhaustion. The e-book’s last chapter “Advanced Training: The Full Range BUILD Workout” serves to help you reach a new level of physical training, allowing you to maximize your training results. The chapter gives useful tips on different workouts so that you can make the best of your training time. Thanks to Old School New Body, you can look youthful and energetic by making basic changes to your workouts and diets.

For the very sake of your safety, you had better seek consultation with your physician before following this training program.

What Will You Get From Old School New Body?

Customers of Old School New Body will receive 10 bonuses:

    F4X Quick Start Workout Guide-This manual gives you detailed instructions, illustrations, strategies and tips on how to stay shapely and young.
    Burn Fat Faster/ Ultimate Fat-Burning Secrets-This report reveals simple and scientific-based secrets that help you suppress your hunger pangs, sugar and carb cravings, stimulate and accelerate weight loss. In other words, you will learn how to eat properly to increase your fat burning activity. Speaking of eating, you will find out a shocking fact about eating fat as well as appropriate eating habits.  Moreover, you will discover how you can get in shape without cutting out on alcohol completely.
    Build More Muscles/ Ultimate Muscle-Building Secrets-This report presents super powerful substances and supplements that you should use before and after your workouts.
    Keep the Drive Alive: Sex and Attraction Boosters and Anti-Aging Secrets-This report guides you to reduce or even reverse the aging process by eating and exercising properly. It also guides couples to increase their intimacy and therefore enjoy life better.
    Live the Good Life: Health & Happiness Tactics-This report tells you how to make the best use of healthy foods, fruits, beverages, products, multivitamins, sun exposure to boost your mood. It also instructs you to make minor changes in your routines from which you can seek considerable joy.
    Interview #1: An interesting and inspiring interview with Tom Venuto who authors The Body Fat Solution. As a fat loss expert, he reveals how to stay shapely smartly.
    Interview #2: An interview with Kristi Frank, a business, health and beauty guru. Having appeared on major network TV shows including Oprah and The View, she has helped many women lose weight, boost their confidence and energy. In this interview, she elaborates on how to keep fit and enjoy life to the fullest.
    Interview #3: An interview with Bill Phillips who authors #1 New York Times Best Seller, Body-for-Life. He will help you transform your body and your life.
    Interview #4: An interview with Jennifer Nicole Lee, a fitness expert, fitness model and lifestyle consultant. She will show how a busy wife, mother and business person gets in shape.
    Interview #5: An interview with Shawn Phillips, a veteran fitness and author. He will share his philosophy on healthy living-how to keep fit and lead a demanding life at the same time.

Old School New Body e-book and its bonuses are in PDF and MP3 formats so you can download the whole package quickly to your computer. Get involved today and start your battle against ageing!