Get fit body with Zumba Exercise

If you are someone who likes energetic dance, Zumba can be your choice of exercise regularly. Zumba is a sport that can nourish the body in a fun way because of its agile movements and exciting music. However, how many times should you do Zumba gymnastics in a week if you want a fit body and ideal body weight?

How often do you have Zumba gymnastics?

Zumba is a series of dance movements with latin and international music. Zumba gymnastics combine interval training with a fast and slow rhythm, and also muscle endurance training so that it gets stronger.

Reporting from the Mayo Clinic page, Zumba is included in aerobic exercise. As an aerobic exercise, you should do Zumba exercise at least 150 minutes per week with moderate intensity training. Or you can do Zumba gymnastics for at least 75 minutes per week with more intensity.

Because this is only a minimum recommendation, you can do it more than that time. The more you do Zumba gymnastics, the more health benefits you get. With a note, you can measure your own abilities. Because excessive and desperate exercise can also harm you.

You can divide that time into several days, preferably indirectly 150 minutes. Especially for those of you who belong to beginners, the body needs to adapt to these activities.

For example, you exercise 160 minutes per week, you can divide it into 4 days a week. With the duration of each exercise at least 40 minutes. Zumba 40 minutes can help burn about 369 calories.

Recognizing the intensity of Zumba gymnastics

To find out how heavy the intensity of your Zumba gymnastics is, the method is quite simple. The heavier the intensity of the exercise, the faster the heart will beat, as well as the more sweat coming out with high intensity. The heavier the intensity, you can not talk while exercising.

So, when your Zumba gymnastics makes your heart beat very fast, the sweat comes out very much, and you are already unable to speak because it is very wasteful to breathe back as soon as possible, which means that the exercise is carried out including the intensity of your body.

Everyone has the intensity of their respective sports. If you have felt exhausted until you are unable to speak, not necessarily others feel the same way even with the same burden of Zumba.

Can Zumba exercise every day?

Some people may be addicted, or very passionate about wanting to lose weight through Zumba. So, there are people who do Zumba every day well.

Doing Zumba every day is certainly okay, the important thing is you can maintain your body's health from overtraining. Don't let the goal of being healthy actually become overtraining aka sports desperately. Feel your own body, if you are too tired you should not do it every day.

If you start feeling very tired throughout the day, starting to be sensitive or emotionally irritable, your appetite decreases, it could be a sign that you have too much exercise.

Exercise is beneficial, but your body still needs time to rest. If your body is already trained and used to exercise every day, it's OK.