Four methods to avoid fatigue when doing workout

Ideally, exercise is carried out for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. However, some people feel tired when not yet 21 minutes of exercise. Yes, indeed in order not to get tired quickly when exercise requires sufficient stamina and energy. Then, how do you stay strong during the exercise session?
Tips to increase stamina so you don't get tired quickly while exercising

1. Listen to your body

It doesn't matter if you want to train harder and encourage yourself to continue doing workout. This can indeed build body stamina slowly. But remember, the body also needs to rest.

If you really feel very tired, the thing you need is a break that is commensurate with the exercise that was previously done. Do not force the body to keep exercising. Instead of increasing stamina, the body will even be sluggish.

If this happens and further worsens your workout performance, stop for at least one day. You can do exercises that are lighter than usual, so you don't get tired quickly during sports, such as running light, cycling or swimming.

2. Increase intensity slowly

In order not to get tired quickly during exercise, you need to increase the intensity of the sport gradually. You can start short interval training such as running, cycling or swimming. You can also do other types of exercises such as burpees, squats, or even push ups.

You can also add reps to your practice. If you are used to it, you will be able and will not feel tired when exercising.

3. Maintain the duration and frequency of exercise

Getting used to and having a regular exercise schedule is the key to not getting tired quickly while exercising. At first, do sports with a duration that matches your abilities and do not need to force yourself.

However, again you have to add the duration slowly. The key to increasing stamina is the frequency and duration of your exercise. Make sure you don't just exercise once a week.

However, you need to meet the American College of Sports Medicine recommendations, which include doing three to five weekly exercises, with each for approximately 20 minutes.

4. Try several types of workout

Replacing or doing non-specific exercises is important for building your endurance and stamina. This can also be done so as not to get tired quickly when exercising.

Your body will get used to the exercise you do after two weeks. That way, you can do several other sports. For example if you usually run, you can start doing muay thai, or you can replace cycling by walking up and down stairs. Doing various exercise like this can help other muscles develop more.