Explode your hidden power with Tacfit Commando

Not just that, you will learn breathing technique to adjust the tension inside the training. Plus, the Tabata protocol it uses to enhance the intensity of your workout.

Not to mention about "4x7" method used by the maker of the program, Scott Sonnon inside his previous circular strength straining system. Scott is a remarkable man who has faced and overcome a lot of challenge in his life.

We also noticed the appearance of new muscle like on abs and shoulders. This is of course really interesting cause we don't like doing weight lifting but we still want to build ideal muscle.

And the truth is, all method above is designed to fill your desire to make a body like a real soldier. Furthermore, Scott Sonnon in the presentation of the site confirms that this method has been used widely to the likes of Special Forces, Professional fighters, and marines.

Scott's body is not bulky like Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has ideal body for man, he is fast, mobile which is why he's good at martial arts championship. The performance of the body matters compared to building muscle for show off.

Should you get the program, it is expected that you can explode your inner power inside your body. Two keys to get above condition is through Sequential Summation of Forces and your Elastic Energy.

Tacfit Commando is not just about to get muscle for show. Every man of course wants to show their big muscle on the beach or in front of his crush. But that's not what the author's goal inside the program.

For average people like us, there a lot of things to learn from Tacfit Commando. Yes, this is an innovative bodyweight training that can shape your body as well as burning the fat. It also takes the benefit of yoga to help you avoid injury especially on joints. Plus, the quality of the training inside the program are more prioritized instead of quantity.

Well, the Tacfit term refers to "tactical fitness". It was first introduced in early 90's. While Tacfit Commando emerged in 2010. So, it makes sense that the video quality inside the program package are not perfect. Aside from that, this tacfit method is recommended to improving endurance,  flexibility, coordination, agility and body balance. It also good to improve your fitness and reduce the pain because of the exercise you do.

With Elastic Energy stored inside the body, you can adjust the force inside the training and this is also important for the movement and the agility of the body. And of course, the force that can trigger your explosive power. For the best example is Bruce lee, he did not have muscular and bulky body, but he got more power and strength than his friend who had bigger body than him.

Our experience when running Tacfit Commando workout is it is hard & tough. But it's worth it, considering the results we got like getting energized, and the joints feel better and more mobile.

Everything inside the Tacfit Commando are favorable by most people, especially how the method works.

A commando is required to have better strength. Sometimes, once he does hard mission, he should be prepared to do another tough mission. That's why this program is designed so you can be like them or better.