You need straps for running Suspension Revolution program

For those who are used to hitting the gym, then surely you know if running such activity can be fun, especially when you meet your new friends there or when you can find your favorite equipment to do the training in the gym you join in.

But the problem is not every men got a chance to to enter the gym and do their favorite training. Imagine how many dollars you have wasted just because you don't attend your gym membership schedule.

After searching some info about the training that can be done at home, i accidentally came across to a TRX training. My first impression is, this training is unique and looks cool, and the result according to people who have tried it are amazing. Furthermore, the TRX uses unique equipment: straps, that can be attached to your door knob. Compared to standard gym equipment, straps is light and most of them are affordable to get. Now here comes the new trouble, i can't find ideal suspension training guide.

Thankfully, a ripped guy named Dan Long comes as my savior with his popular fitness program: Suspension Revolution that can help you and those overcome our biggest problem to finding ideal workout program to burn fat as well as building ripped abs.

This Suspension Revolution training from Dan, like the other TRX, also requires you to use straps. The difference is, it has three main level. Furthermore, Dan wants you to do and finish the program within 20 weeks and get your desired results.

As mentioned above, this Suspension Revolution training is consist of a few level, and they have been designed to be follow by everyone, from beginner, to middle, and for professional as well.

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In the beginning level of the program, the exercises inside it are very easy to follow. it makes sense since this level is intended for the beginners and newbie.

The next level is the Intermediate training. Now we are talking about harder training. But don't worry, the exercise inside this level is far better for your muscle and body.

And yes, finally let's talk about advanced module inside the Suspension Revolution program. This kind training is so intense it can burn more of your body fat.

Note that before we close this article we can assure you that this Suspension Revolution training won't make your body bulky like Arnold Schwarzenegger (i am not saying his body and muscle look bad by the way).

Thanks for reading.