You can practice Tacfit Warrior training in under 30 minutes

The Tacfit Warrior program concentrates on a lot of movement designed to prevent injury and continue strengthening every part of the body.

Are you over weight and wondering if this is something you can do? Not to worry, Scott includes a LITE program in Tacfit Warrior just for your situation. You will receive the same benefits as everyone else. You just need to follow along with the workbook and give it your best.

Scott uses a method called stacking technologies that makes a twenty minute workout give you the same benefit as working out for over an hour. You will get cardio, strength training, agility, meditation, and mental focus during that routine.

The concept of the stacking technology is that you get the same benefit as if you spent 20 minutes on each one of these separately but in reality you do it all in one workout that is less than 30 minutes.

When so many training programs, weight lifting programs, and cross training programs, can have you sitting on the side lines do to injury, the tacfit warrior uses routines that promote that mind body connection, and joint health to keep you accelerating forward in your fitness level and keep you injury free.

One of Coach Sonnons first fitness routines was the tacfit commando. Some of those who trained with that have gone on to tacfit warrior to gain the mental equation that the warrior program offers.

Although the programs are similar in the workout routine where the goal is to burn fat and build muscle, the mental aspect of the warrior program is not found in the commando. The warrior incorporates “cross brain” exercises that will show you how to train smarter and harder.

One thing I found in Tacfit Warrior Review is that although Scott Sonnon has been around for years and his workout routines are well known in some circles, I don’t feel he has wide recognition yet.

So few people are really benefiting from Scott and his workout routines. I think this will change as word gets out, so if you were looking for a routine that is different from everything you have tried, you found it.

Because people are still discovering this unique workout it was hard finding a lot of opinions but what I did find was mostly positive.

Some other things people have expressed are that all the strength, agility, and resilience you get from this training will also help you in everyday life from playing with kids to working in the yard.

People have experienced more range of motion for joints and limbs. Scott will show you how to stretch that will dramatically increase flexibility and make you far more limber. You can even start to heal old injuries and have more range of movement than you have had in years.

One concern I have heard is if you are tall following along on the video could be a challenge for you. There is a lot of bending at the knees and coming to the ground.

Tall folks have a lot farther to go because of their center of gravity being higher so this does mean working harder. Some tall guys have expressed some trouble keeping up with Scott while following along on the flows.

Also this is a complete bodyweight routine. You will build muscle with this routine, but if you are looking for the body builder physique that you get from pumping a lot of iron this program is probably not for you.

But if you’re the type of person who wants an athletic build and be more than just physically fit.

If you like the idea of having the ability to react in any situation and maintain control over your emotions and have clarity of mind.

If the idea of being able to handle yourself against larger opponents or ever more than one adversary appeals to you then TacFit Warrior could be the program for you.