With Tacfit Warrior train your body and mind

The one thing many of us are looking for is a way to get and stay fit in both body and mind. A fitness routine that will build lean muscle and give us the flexibility do the things we love to do well into our older years. At the same time developing a mental capacity that will take us to new levels in fitness.

What I have found just might be the answer. Tacfit Warrior by Scott Sonnon is more than a workout that brings all that to the table and more. But you will have to decide if it is right for you.

I would workout for awhile, start to get in shape, and then take a break for a few days. The days turn into weeks, the weeks into months, the next thing you know I am out of shape and starting all over again.

Has this ever happened to you?

For a lot of us this is too common. You get bored with the routine or you don’t make it to the gym for awhile and it becomes too easy to stop.

The main reason is our heads are not into it. The body is willing but the mind is not. This is where Tacfit Warrior is different from other workout routines. The emphasis that is put on the mind is extremely important in this program.

Part of their philosophy is that a fitness program will give you more than muscular strength, and skill. They want you to be able to tap into the mind at anytime and access the type of strength people muster under emergency conditions. Like the stories of a mother lifting a car to help her child.

The mental aspect of this program is so important that it allowed flow coach Scott Sonnon to compete in the martial art tournament in Las Vegas and win four gold metals. He did this against guys a decade younger and one hundred pounds heavier.

But this is the amazing part, while I am sure his competition was sparing daily for this event, Coach Sonnon only sparred twice during 10 months of training. The majority of his preparation was mental.

There was a study done quite some time ago where they took a college basketball team and divided the team into 3 groups. One group had to practice free throws for one hour a day, the second group was told to visualize themselves throwing free throws for one hour, and last group was told not do anything.

This experiment went on for one month and at the end of the month the group that didn’t practice mentally or physically showed no improvement, the group that threw the free throws improved by 86% and the group who used their minds and visualized throwing free throws improved 84% .

You can see the group who only used their mind for practicing almost had the same result as the group who actually physically practiced that is how powerful the mind can be.

This is where tacfit warrior is different then any other routine out there. Scott shows you how to have that mind, body connection not only to improve your physical skills and appearance, but to use that connection to accomplish any goals you have for your life so you can improve your life in all areas.

Scott has used these methods to train countless individuals and groups like; Seals, secret service, law enforcement, firemen, and MMA fighters, and this is the short list.

All of this training is a mix of sports psychology, hypnosis, and visualization methods that help these groups get into the best shape of their lives, have energy levels that won’t let them down, but most important the mental focus that allows them to do their jobs under the most stressful conditions.