What You Will Get By Buying the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan eBook?

The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan book by Shaun and Karen Hadsall is a pretty popular book thanks to how effective it is. Priced at 47 US Dollars per piece, this book can definitely help you lose fat if you are in the want to do just so.

But if you buy the book when there is a special discount going around, there are several bonuses that you can get. By paying the discounted price, not only that you will get the book in question, but you will also get several other books to help you lose weight. What are those other books that you will get?

The quick start guide for the 14-day rapid fat loss plan

If you are a busybody with no time to spare, then you will cherish this addition. This book is like the pocket edition of the normal book. A busy person will like having this book because this book serves to cut all of the things deemed unnecessary. Only the most essential of contents will be included in this book, so if you think you are lacking time to read the whole book, this stripped-down version will do you good.

Contained within are the exercise routines that you need to follow and the diet plan that you should take. The 100 pages and more guide are omitted from here, meaning this book can be a quick read when you are commuting or not doing anything in particular.

The second book is all about desserts

Other diet plans encourage you NOT to eat desserts when you are following them. Not this plan, though. Instead of prohibiting desserts, this plan encourages you to eat desserts because desserts are like a morale booster for when you are losing the will to go on.

The next book will be talking about all of the desserts that you can make or eat when you are following the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan system. There are 6 desserts that are perfect for deplete days and there are 6 desserts that are loaded with carbs. There are also 2 desserts that can be eaten on a free day. A guide that is pretty sweet indeed (no pun intended).

If dinner is more of your thing, then this third book will be good for you

Because it talks about dinner items, especially those that you can eat BEFORE you go to bed. Many diet plans discourage you from eating food before bed. This plan, however, is different. Within this book are several food items that you can eat just before you go to sleep. If you are one to directly sleep when you are done with your food, then this book can help you with that.

The sneaky fat loss tricks

If you want to know more about the sneaky things that can lower your fat content, then look no further for this additional book can tell you all about it. There are many tricks in here that you can mix and match so that it is compatible with your lifestyle. A fine addition if you want to take your fat loss to the next level.

Last but not least, there are checklists that can help you

When you are done with the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan, there are times when you do not know what else you should do to keep your body just like that. This next bonus is the answer to that. Contained within are a combination of diet plan and exercise plan to keep your body stay that way for weeks and even years.