This is our favorite workout in Turbulence Training program

There is a lot to like about Turbulence Training. It gives us a lot of confidence in the program and the product.  In terms of specifics, our favorite part is probably the Busy Dad’s Workout.  This was the realistic approach we’d been looking for and not the spend 12 hours a day in the gym and you can lose fat approach that other programs seem to want you to do even though they never really say that.

We did not find much to not like about this program.  But if we have to pick something it would be the menu’s. There is nothing wrong with them but there could have been more dishes, more variety.  Having said that the Nutrition Guide was very helpful in that you can figure out foods to eat for yourself.

Turbulence Training to be the most thoroughly complete and professional fat loss program.  It is well respected by other fitness peers and they brought in other fitness experts to help with sections where they might have been weaker on their own such as women’s fitness.  This is a very professional program that can work for anyone and everyone.  We definitely recommend giving it a try.  With a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee on top of everything else you really can’t lose.

The problem with these Turbulence Training workouts is that sometimes Craig AGAIN requires you to do chin-ups and pull-ups for which you need a chin-up bar. You can buy a portable chin-up bar for less than $59 which will really be a good idea because chin-ups and pull-ups are great for your abs. I mean it!

The TT 500 is a follow up of the TT 300 which came out after the popular movie 300. The workouts are designed to make your body capable of doing sudden intense movements in the least time possible. It’s like preparing you for a 100m sprint at the Olympics.

…The TT 500 is a 4 week workout that prepares you for a challenging 500 repetition circuit at the end of the 4 week which many people managed to complete in less than 40 minutes after doing the 4 week training. The rest of them failed because their body was not prepared enough.

In short, if you do the TT 500 in less than 30 minutes, you have a physically fit body. I am not going to go in to much detail on the other products in the Turbulence Training deluxe edition package because all you got to know is the more “Advanced” the title is, the more intense it actually will be!