The Three Types of Days in the 14 days Rapid Fat Loss Plan

The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan method is a very credible and a very effective plan if you want to lose weight. With its detailed exercise plan and a carbs-oriented diet plan, you can lose fat pretty simple thanks to the simplicity of the plan itself.

To make it short, there are three types of days in the plan. All of those three types of days are all designed pretty perfect, meaning if you follow the instructions within those three days to heart, you will lose fat in no time. That being said, what are the types of days in the diet plan?

The first type is the deplete day

The deplete day is the first type of day in the diet plan. In these days, your body will be ‘taught on how to burn fat instead of burning sugar. In this type of day, your body is expected to adapt to the diet regime that the 14-day rapid fat loss plan got.

This is probably the most important days of the other three simply because without having to go through this day, the rest of the plan will not work. You can still eat carbohydrate in these kinds of days, all to make sure that your body is not lacking carb in the long run. A low carb, of course, can lead to many bad things like a slower metabolism, suppression of fat burning hormones.

If you follow the steps detailed within this kind of day to the bone, your body will be fat adapted. When your body is fat adapted, it will instead burn fat first before sugar or even muscle tissue. If you are already fat adapted, there will be no turning back (which is a good thing provided you keep doing the plan).

The carb up day comes second

This is when you start to stock up the carb. If your body is already fat-depleted, there is no reason why you should stop eating carbs. In fact, you need to add a lot of carb into your meal because that is what your body will be burning when you are exercising. You should not worry about getting fat while eating the carb because of the fat-depleted condition you are in now.

The free day

The free day is probably the funniest day of them all simply because in free days, you are free to eat anything you want. This is where you can indulge yourself in foods that you think are not ‘healthy at all. You can visit the fast food joints in the free days if you feel like loading your belly with those kinds of food.