The Tacfit Warrior is more than just a workout method

When the first time we heard that there is a training that combined mind and body training called Tacfit Warrior, we were quite excited and did some research about this program.

With the combination from Scott Sonnon and Steve Barnes, comes this unique fitness system. Steve is a guru in terms of mental training. He is also a Master Hypnotist and a yoga instructor.

Scott Sonnon himself is the owner of RMAX International where you find various of tacfit training he created.

This is quite interesting to see the aspect that can help you break the barrier should you stuck in your current training. Maybe the problem is not in your body, but rather inside your mind. With better mind, you can get the best out of the training results!.

Let's see what this program is all about. "Tactical fitness" is the key of this program. Usually, most training only help the certain part of body. But with tacfit training, you can hope that it can train the whole of your body parts. And it resembles the training used by military and elite forces.

Tacfit training is not just about workout, but more than that. In fact, it's more like the movement that you do in real life like running or crawling. If you have seen some tacfit training, you can see some of them are simple and easy to do by ordinary person (note that the training in tacfit are hard overall).

In quick conclusion, the Tacfit Warrior is a recommended program that can help you reach the fitness goal just by using the bodyweight. It is designed for those who ever have a dream to join the ARMY (but they fail) and is made so you can get ideal body with better mind, strength & flexibility. This is a complete training that doing a few minutes of the Tacfit Warrior training is almost the same as doing meditation, aerobics, and strength training at the same time.

What to remember is, like the other tacfit program, this tacfit provides you intense training.