The result of Suspension Revolution training may vary to some people

Sometimes you see the program that claims they can burn fat "without doing nothing" or something like that. But the Suspension Revolution that we are talking right now is unlike them cause its main method uses the phenomenal TRX training method, find the details below.

Well if you notice the official site of Suspension Revolution then surely you realized that this is the latest version of Dan Long's suspension program.

The latest version of Suspension Revolution is to complete the previous edition which is already complete and solid. There's nothing wrong with making second version or stuff like that as long it's better than original and the package of the product larger than before. 

Furthermore, what makes this training from Dan difference is cause he uses another approach to help you and his followers to do training, burn fat and improve body & muscle strength. There are still certain level of difficulty like easy to follow exercise made for beginners and harder workout methods designed for professional and expert.

Note that you can get optional offers once you decide to join in like meal plan, or Supplement Guide, and also milkshakes & smoothies to help you torch the fat and the second offer is bodyweight workout that you can do in short time. (the first offer is more exciting to be honest since your body also needs better nutrition for body and muscle building)

At first glance TRX training looks like a workout that relies on a strap, but the truth is, the TRX training uses your own bodyweight. Here in Suspension Revolution, Dan brings the bodyweight training to a whole new level hence it can boost the EPOC or the afterburn effect and push the body to burn a lot of calories. Does the program work?, yes of course. Note that the results may vary cause every person is unique and so is their body and habits.

Let's see closer about Dan Long, the program maker. He is a highly motivated trainer especially in TRX training. If you see his youtube channel, you can see that this guy got a great ripped body and he is also full of energy when doing workout.