Tacfit Commando is a modified and improvement over a standard Tacfit training

There are so many reviews of Tacfit Commando program you can read online, and most of them tell if the training are good and high quality. So keep reading so we can discuss more regarding this cool system, shall we?.

First of all, this workout training is a downloadable program only that requires at least three months for you to get maximize results. Some of the goal of this tacfit training is to help you do fun workout with lots of variation in movements but also efficient in the same times.

Furthermore, it seems that Scott Sonnon has modified Tacfit Commando system from the standard tacfit training like:
- The training are more complex and Scott don't just add more speed and strength to his program.
- The program has been tested first not to ordinary people but to martial arts user, specs ops and more talented person.
- No equipment required and you can even do the training in your room.

According to Steven Barnes (a trainer who contributed to Tacfit Warrior system), one of the closest friend of Scott, suggested him to include Scott Sonnons popular training like Body-Flow to a single complete package. Steve in his personal blog also praised Scott Sonnons by saying that Scott got a body like a fighter and mind like a yogi!.

There are four days to follow you should follow in the training. Like the day to do yoga for you to follow so you can lose the stress. There is intense day and also recovery day as well, so no excuse for you to skip the training recommended by Tacfit Commando.

Like standard workout and cardio training, you also need to warming up before the working out and cooling down after you do exercise activity. This simple activity is important to prevent injuries.

well there certain method you can find Scott's training method like popular intense Tabata workout. Reset method, or popular with just "rest" which is important for recovery. Don't for get about flexibility method that works for the whole body motion. And it seems that there are training workout that is made for certain part of your body.

What we can conclude is, Tacfit Commando is a serious fitness program made by a serious trainer (and fighter), & is designed for those who have prepared their body and mind.