Tacfit Commando and some more faqs & answers about the system

Some weeks a go i talked about Tacfit Commando which is not good or recommended for muscle building. Fortunately, it can help you build muscle mass, even though not too extreme, cause of course, this tacfit is basically is not a muscle building program. Furthermore, you can expect to gain 10 to 20lbs (the requirement is you need to eat more), but don't hope that by following the program you can gain muscle up to 50lbs.

Well, it's quite interesting to read what some soldiers say about the Tacfit Commando training, rather than ordinary people cause in the marketing if program, it says about military stuff or something like that.

Tom Schibler, a Navy SEAL Officer said that about how good the program in terms of simplicity. Imagine that you to need to fight in a battlefield and of course you need to prepare it with the best weapon. Furthermore, the other said that how this tacfit system can overcome our weakness in term of capabilities of physiological.

You might wonder whether the Tacfit Commando is recommended for women or not. At first glance, you might feel tacfit is workout made for men due to the fact the their exercise involve martial arts and military workout technique. But don't worry cause everyone with various level of body fitness can join the Tacfit Commando program!. In fact, it's quite ideal for women who are afraid to running heavy exercise in gym like weight lifting, of course they don't want to have a muscular bulky body like a man do they?.

By the way, another interesting question or fact is how comparable the Tacfit Commando from Scott with Turbulence Training from Craig Ballantyne. It may look similar cause both program rely on your own bodyweight and both do not require gym equipment. But Craig's Turbulence Training still require equipment like stability balls.

We hope that the article about can help you find the answers regarding this tacfit system, and who knows, maybe the program is the correct choice for you!.