Our story when the first time we joined Tacfit Warrior

I have always been a fitness buff looking for new workouts and ways to stay in shape.

I tried more than my share of workout routines through the years. First thing I started with, probably like most people, was free weights. Then as new programs and machines were developed I would try them.

I owned a bowflex, I tried yoga, worked out like a boxer, bought P90X by Tony Horton plus a couple of his other programs, and several others but I think you get the point.

There was nothing wrong with any of these methods and I did benefit from each one. But I never stayed with any of them. I would get bored quickly with them and start looking for something else.

Are you like this?

This was only costing me money and frustration jumping from one program to the next.

But then I found Scott Sonnon and the TacFit Warrior here was a program that I could do anywhere, increased with my fitness level, could do into my old age, and had physical and mental benefits that went way beyond any other program I have seen.

But the part of the program that really stuck out for me was, the Tacfit warrior was designed so you can make a mind body connection at a level that just isn’t found in other programs if they address this issue at all.

It is a fitness routine that will burn fat and build muscle quickly without any equipment, because it is a body-weight only exercise plan.

This was great because it meant no more spending money on new equipment, and not only will it get you in the best shape of your life, but it has what is called 6 degrees of movement. This was designed to promote joint health, supreme flexibility, and keep you injury free.

That is a huge benefit, because if you have worked-out like I have, and pushed yourself beyond your capacity you know what it is like to strain yourself and end up sitting on the sidelines waiting to recover.

These programs where setup to not only get you in the best shape of your life, but to do it in a way that actually keeps you injury free while excelling in your fitness routine. The best of both worlds.

Tacfit warrior is used to train some of the top MMA fighters, military special ops, and law enforcement groups like the secret service. These groups use this type of training because they need to be incredibly fit, mentally sharp, have high energy, and be able to operate under any type of stressful conditions.

Coach Scott Sonnon who developed great programs like tacfit commando and tacfit warrior has a quite remarkable story.

So I hope you find the information on this site valuable.

If your looking to get to a fitness level that will allow you to both physically and mentally smash through any obstacles in life, to handle any situation, and be able to keep a level head in the most stressful conditions then maybe tacfit warrior is for you.