Mind and Body Combined with Tacfit Warrior System

I first heard about Scott Sonnon nearly a year ago when I stumbled upon some of his videos. I was very impressed with how physically capable he was. He could do things with his body that even fit people can’t.

I later learned that he is considered one of the best physical trainers for military units, firefighters, bodyguards, and counter-terrorist squads, in the world.

These are guys who aren’t just interested in being able to lift bigger weights or just look better. They need to be able to perform in the field of battle and be able to use their body as a weapon. This is why the program is called Tacfit Warrior, it’s based on the work Scott Sonnon does with his clients

This is the difference between regular fitness and functional fitness. Regular fitness is all about looks. Functional fitness is about being actually able to perform with your body.

The workouts in Tacfit Warrior are all meant to get you to be able to do better and greater things with your body. All the workouts are take up to 30 minutes and are all shown in video by Scott Sonnon.

As you can see, this kind of workout is much more complex than the regular gym workout.

The workouts are made of high intensity circuits and are focused on movement, flexibility, strength, and endurance, the things that actually make you more physically able.

There’s no doubt that you can get a highly effective workout with the Tacfit Warrior videos. Even if you’re used to working out, these will challenge your body in a whole new way and you will develop skills you never had.

However, there’s more to being a warrior than just physical ability. You also need to mentally powerful as well. This is where Steven Barnes comes in. Barnes is an acclaimed author and a martial arts fighter, holding 3 black belts. He became Sonnon’s mental coach, preparing him mentally for a martial arts contest in which he won 4 medals.

It is the combination of the mental preparation a warrior must go through and the physical capabilities he must develop to be able to meet challenges, whether in the battlefield, or in martial arts combat, or in life in general.