Fight the aging process with Old School New Body!

I'm excited to be writing this Old School New Body review today because I am desperate to tell people about this anti-aging and fat-burning exercise program.

You may not think that performing certain exercise programs could fight off the effects of aging and keep you looking young for as long as possible, but Steve and Becky Holman, the creators of Old School New Body, are living proof that their methods actually work.

Both of these people are fitness fanatics who work out regularly, and they certainly seem to be reaping the benefits. Steve, who is the editor of Iron Man magazine, and his wife Becky are both in their 50s, but they look years younger than this and have bodies that many people in their 20s and 30s would be happy to have.

This is therefore proof that their custom built exercise program really can help you look younger (whilst also helping you develop a great body at the same time).

Fight The Anti-Aging Process Through Exercise And Nutrition

The Old School New Body program primarily focuses on exercise, but it also talks about the importance of nutrition, and how eating the right diet can help you look younger and fight off the aging process.

When you purchase the Old School New Body anti-aging / fitness program, you are essentially given everything you need to achieve your goals, ie looking younger and developing a fit and great looking body.

Target Market

It is designed mainly for people of a similar age to Steve and Becky, but anyone from the age of 35 upwards can benefit because this is often when the aging process starts to kick in and affect the way we look. Indeed even people in their 60s can follow this program.

The Old School New Body Exercise Program

If you visit their website, you will find 5 steps that you can follow that will take as much as 10 years off you. One of these steps involves the use of exercise, and specifically the use of the Old School New Body exercise workouts, all of which are included in what Steve and Becky have branded the F4X Program.

The F4X Workout Program actually involves three different phases:

- F4X Lean
- F4X Shape
- F4X Build

The F4X Lean phase is the starting block for many people, and it is designed to help people lose weight and build a lean body first and foremost. The exercise program, which can be performed by people of all ages, along with the special meal plan, can help you achieve your weight loss goals and ambitions.

The F4X Shape phase is designed to be used after you have gone through the initial phase, and have subsequently lost a decent amount of weight. More specifically, it is designed to tone and add muscle definition to the body.

F4X Build is the final phase of the program and it is geared more towards men than women because it is ideal if you want to build 15-20 extra pounds of muscle, for example.


In addition to the basic Old School New Body workout program, which includes all three phases and is available in ebook form, there are also numerous bonuses (pdfs and audio files) included with this product. These include:

- F4X Quick Start Workout Guide
- Burn Fat Faster Special Report
- Build More Muscle: Natural Anabolics Special Report
- Anti-Aging Secrets Special Report
- Health And Happiness Secrets Special Report

Also included are some audio interviews with many fitness experts including Tom Venuto, Kristi Frank, Shawn Phillips, Bill Phillips and Jennifer Nicole Lee.

If you would like to buy Old School New Body, you will be pleased to know that at the time of writing, this program, along with all of the bonuses mentioned above, is available for just $20.

It is available to buy from the Old School New Body website, but the price is set to rise in the near future once a certain number of copies have been sold.

The product comes with a full 60 day guarantee if you are unhappy with the overall product. However this is unlikely because we think that this program is one of the best weight loss system and anti-aging products on the market right now.