Bodyweight Burn: Does It Really Work?

The overweight becomes major issues in this modern life especially for people who really pay attention to their look and health. One of the weight loss programs that become extremely popular this time is Bodyweight Burn workout method. Well, what can the program do to help you lose your weight fast? And is it really effective?

What Is It Actually?

Most people agree that one of the best ways to lose weight in a relatively short time is by doing exercise and stay active every day. But, how exercises ideally needed to help you reach your target? Well, Adam Steer, a bodyweight exercise specialist, and weight loss author has developed a special program to help people fight obesity by using a scientific backing, called Bodyweight Burn System. To complete the program and get optimum result, you need to do 12-week workout and follow a meal plan program. At the end of the program, you are supposed to lose about 21 pounds of weight. In every workout conducted, you need to spend 21 minutes in length only without using any equipment. In the other word, you will use your own body weight to do the workouts. This program will be suitable the most for those who want to lose weight but do not have much time to do exercises. This program is not time-consuming so it will be great for busy workers and moms with children.

How Does the Program Work?

So, how does the Bodyweight Burn System work for you? Well, there are two sections that people should accomplish in this program. Each of them will need 6 weeks to complete and they are conducted as follows:

    Metabolic Base

This section is done during the first 6 weeks and it is aimed to help you to improve the rate of your metabolism as well as build lean muscles. During this section, you will get the same schedule should be conducted every week which consists of six mixed workouts and one day to take a rest.

    Metabolic Explosion

This section is conducted during the second six weeks. Unlike the first section, this second one is more difficult since the workouts increase. But you don’t need to be worried since the workouts are still do-able especially if you have already accomplished the first section. In this section, you are still required to have mix workouts that combined with one day of rest. 

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Meal Plan – What You Should or Should Not Eat

Before starting this meal plan, you need to know that it coordinates with the workout type scheduled for the day. In addition, the meal plan is not a strict diet since you are still allowed to eat whatever foods you want for two days in a week. Meanwhile, the 5 types of food that you should eat based on the schedule are:

    Low Carb Day: 3 meals a day which include lots of veggies, 2 snacks, healthy fat, and protein.

    Moderate Carb Day: 3 meals a day which consist of 2/3 plate of veggies, moderate carbs, 2 snacks, healthy fat, and protein.

    Good Carb Days: There is no portion size required but you are suggested to not overeat

    Back Load Days: There is no specific portion size and you may eat your carbs during evening hours.

    24 Hour Fast: It is aimed to lower calories and deplete glycogen.