What i like and don't like from Suspension Revolution

What I liked about Suspension Revolution is that I felt that my body was continuously engaged, the muscles working hard through the full range of movement.  In particular, you can’t help but engage your core muscles in order to maintain stability so the exercises are really beneficial for your back and posture.  The benefit to using the suspension revolution product is that working these muscles this way – even for a little bit – pushes them so thoroughly that reaching the more advanced stuff doesn’t take as long.  More bang for your buck in that way.

I also greatly appreciated that suspension training and suspension exercises are Dan Long’s passions and it shows.  He’s refined this program from his time owning Kill Mode training and years of being a fitness coach.

I also like that you only need one piece of equipment to implement this program.  So you can reduce costs (and the need for floor space).

What I Didn’t Like

Suspension training takes some time to get used to, until you get the flow of the range of movement for the exercises, especially for my weaker joints as I’ve gotten older (Always be sure to need to consult with your doctor or therapist first).  But once one gets the hang of it, suspension training and the the Suspension Revolution product seems to be a great way to ramp up to the next fitness level, especially if you already have some semblance of core strength and flexibility.  But for those who are not at that level of fitness as of yet (like me), suspension training needs to be done in a slow, but sure and safe manner.  Working one’s way up to doing more as your muscles get stronger is the best way to go (for any program really!).  But this need to ease into suspension exercising only goes to show how effective Suspension Revolution is: it lengthens and angles your muscles in a way you may not be accustomed.  It’s not a knock on Suspension Revolution but underscores how Suspension Revolution is a new type of is designed to push you past your plateaus.  It is divided into basic and more advanced levels in 4 and 12 week programs so that’s good.

Overall Thoughts

I really like Suspension Revolution.  I think that suspension training provides a new, but effective way to ramp up your fitness goals, build strength and get ripped in areas of your body that wouldn’t normally get targeted.  That seems to me an excellent benchmark for any fitness product.   And Suspension Revolution seems like a worthy one for those who enjoy the benefits of suspension training for overall fitness and health and looking good.