Turbulence Training is made by an expert in fitness world

Turbulence Training is a program that's been around for awhile, and people have reported some pretty great results. The entire program is centered on high intensity interval training and heavier resistance training (getting a maximum of 8 to 10 reps per exercise). There's one thing that prevents it from being the number one program I'd recommend, but more on that in a second though...

The creator of Turbulence Training is Craig Ballantyne. I knew I recognized the name before trying the program, it turns out he's a Men's Health Magazine Fitness Expert. They don't just give that job to anyone; you have to actually know what you're talking about... some research shows that he has some fancy degrees.

The program itself can definitely work as long as you keep the intensity up; it's definitely not a program for people afraid of pushing themselves to the max. You'll want to check with your doctor before starting, that's for damn sure! I really, really enjoy interval training so of course I thought the workouts were awesome and fun, but I have a feeling some people might get discouraged so know this: it's not a fitness program for wimps!

The only downside I could think of and find was the fact that you're going to need to buy some equipment or get a gym membership. Unfortunately not everyone can afford either one of those options and a lot of people are embarrassed to hit the gym. If that's you, you really shouldn't be embarrassed. As someone who enjoys hittin' the gym regularly, you'll get the immature 16 year-olds making their jokes to their friends but the adults will applaud you even if you're like mega-super-fat... it shows you're committed to changing your body and health.

Similar to Tacfit Commando, Turbulence Training offers a 60 day money back guarantee so you can basically try it for free. Grab a copy, try it for 59 days and if you're not looking and feeling better than when you started just email Craig and his team and they'll hook you up with a no-questions-asked refund. You either get the results or get your money back.