TRX is the fun method for muscle strength training

Are you familiar with dumbbells, barbells, fitness machines, or kettlebells during weight training? Have you ever tried training using TRX suspension training?

If you want your body to look more muscular and strong, then the main thing to do is to practice weight. There are many training tools that you can use to practice in the gym (gym) according to your fitness goals. Like using a dumbbell, barbell, or kettlebell.

Of course, you will do these routines with enthusiasm. But there are times when you may feel bored with your routine exercise. If it is not immediately addressed, of course the boredom will interfere with your fitness program.

Well, the best way to overcome this is to do a variety of exercises. One of them is training using TRX suspension.

What is TRX training?

Yes, TRX refers to Total Body Resistance Exercise and the tool is shaped like a rope made of nylon. This exercise method alone is to use your weight as a "tool" to do the exercise. TRX training itself is quite unique because it generally uses hands or feet as anchors, while the body does not hit the floor.

The initial appearance of this type of training was when one of the Navy SEALs, Randy Hetrick. This training idea began when Randy was on a submarine and had difficulty doing the exercises. In addition to a narrow room, Randy also had difficulty finding training tools.

Because of this limitation, TRX finally appeared. Because he wanted to maintain his fitness, Randy finally used some parachute equipment and karate belt as a tool for training. The use of TRX is currently very easy, even when you find a tree trunk or an electric pole.

Train the Strength of Muscles and Body Balance

TRX suspension training itself is almost the same as bodyweight training, which is a movement that uses the body as a tool. As previously explained, because the body does not touch the floor, the TRX training movement gives instability. And here, TRX can train strength, endurance, injury prevention, flexibility and balance.

But in order to get maximum results when you first use this tool, you should be accompanied by a trainer or your fitness partner who is more advanced to avoid the risk of injury.

Lots of movement that can be done using TRX according to your fitness goal. You can do other movements according to your desire and fitness goals. We recommend that you warm up every time you start training to avoid the risk of injury.

By doing regular exercise and managing a healthy diet, of course your desire to have a strong and muscular body will be realized soon. Don't forget, balance it with the right supplementation and adequate rest so that your fitness results are more optimal.