Three top reasons why Anabolic Cooking is recommended

If you’re a veteran weight lifter you’ve probably heard that it shouldn’t matter how bad the food (or supplement) tastes you just have to eat it. However, this can be very difficult for some people and can actually sabotage their entire training because they can’t consume enough calories for muscle growth, all because the food does not taste good. In Anabolic Cooking recipe and meal plan is specifically designed to taste good (see below) as well as deliver all the vital nutrients needed to build muscle.

Included in Anabolic Cooking is a virtual cooking class that shows you proper grocery shopping, cooking methods, cutting techniques, and anything else you could possibly think of to get you on your way to becoming a true muscle chef!

Another very common excuse people use for not eat properly is that they don’t have enough time to devote to cooking, preferring instead to buy expensive ready-made meals that lack the necessary amounts of nutrients to build muscle. Dave’s got your back. In Anabolic Cooking, Dave will show you how to prepare a whole weeks worth of meals in under three hours! You will no longer fear your own kitchen and you will see how simple it really is and how you can perfect the art of cooking in mere minutes. Anabolic Cooking will transform into the cook you never imagined you could be. Learn everything needed to eat healthy and save both time and money!


    With Anabolic Cooking you won’t have to spend an endless amount of money on ingredients that are nearly impossible to find. Dave has made sure that each recipe consists entirely of typical everyday ingredients that can be found at any grocery store. The directions for each recipe are also very straightforward and only use cooking techniques that Dave will teach you throughout the program.


    With roughly 200 recipes you won’t have to struggle figuring out what to eat. No more eating the same old thing over and over again! Anabolic Cooking also contains a very diverse amount of meal types including protein shakes, energy drinks, pre- and post exercise nutrition, and meals suited for off days. You will never again have to worry about what to eat and when.


    Along with the main meal plans that come with Anabolic Cooking are goal specific meal plans specially designed to help you reach whatever end goal you may have. If you are wanting to lose weight there are meal plans ranging from 1,200 – 3,000 calories to help you trim fat. If you want to quickly build muscle, simply follow the plans that range to upwards of 5,000 calories. Looking to simply maintain the muscle you already have? You guessed it, there are meal plans for that too!